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Real estate agents play a big role in every buyer and seller’s real estate transactions. Agents connect the pieces together and acts as the intermediary between parties involved. Oftentimes agents are crucial to securing a mutually beneficial transaction, although while this may be desirable, first and foremost the agent acts for the vendor and delivering strong outcomes for sellers is what we’re all about.


Australia has hundreds of real estate agencies that offers most of the same services. Remalo offers custom-fitted services, with a personal touch, directed towards Australia’s Bendigo real estate market.



Remalo Real Estate Agents helps out buyers and sellers in every way possible. Using effective strategies in estimating the value of individual homes by use of efficient ways in referencing comparable sales, while proactively marketing homeowners’ properties to potential buyers, we can deliver on what we promise. We help buyers and sellers from all walks of life by providing adequate guidance on every step of the process, including all the nasty paperwork. We deliver our services to the whole of Australia.


Remalo and Co. believe in complete disclosure to all representatives and parties involved in every transaction in order to quickly and efficiently arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement. We do not like technical mumbo-jumbo, we are direct to the point. For people who are looking for real estate agents in Australia who are actually going to be “real” to you, we are the team you are looking for. As a matter of fact, our top agents are recommended by http://whichrealestateagent.com.au/ (a trusted Australian real estate website).


There is no need for real estate technical words that only the realtors can understand. We recognize every buyer and sellers’ need to be fully informed throughout the whole process. Simple words can be enough to explain the procedural aspects of real estate dealings, just as complicated real estate matters can be resolved with a simple well laid out plan.


Contact our friendly customer relations representatives for home appraisals, for people who want to sell or for homeowners who are curious about the current market value of their estates. We cater to all kinds of real estate queries - that is a promise.





Remalo Real Estate Agents was founded with the goal of addressing the most relevant concerns that Australian homeowners and buyers encounter when looking to buy or sell property in the quickest, most efficient way that benefits all parties involved. With that goal always on every team member’s mind, the company has evolved into a network of specialists whose sole purpose is to help vendors get the best and most rewarding results out of every business arrangement. The fully equipped team attracts buyers to all kinds of properties that our vendors want to sell.


We specialize in the Melbourne Victoria real estate market. Buyers looking for properties can expect the greatest selection of the best real estate properties available within even the most specific requirements. We aim to be the main realtor resource available to every buyer and seller in the Australian properties market place.


Contacting our customer support for assistance in finding new homes, or just casual window shopping of the recent available properties in the market, is always welcome.




By trusting our team, you are trusting the right people.


We believe that with our team of experts and local specialists, we are the best choice for people looking for the easiest and quickest way to find new properties in the Australian real estate market, and the easiest and most financially beneficial way of marketing real estate assets.


Our team can give assurance to our clients of getting more than what they need. Meeting every client’s needs and every buyer’s wants are top priority to us.

  • We will list properties on the most visible ways over hundreds of marketing tools available to us.
  • We will provide sellers every type of real estate property condition disclosure forms, documentations, and paperwork.
  • We will prepare all necessary documents for advertising including pamphlets and open house necessities.
  • We will answer all questions from interested parties about the properties for sale.
  • We will schedule appointments for showing and open houses.
  • We will pre-screen potential buyers by making sure financial statuses are in order.


Basically, we do everything for our clients.


When we say we help out in every way possible, we mean it. Our website is fully equipped with features and all the necessary real estate tools needed for a successful business arrangement.