Jack Remalo's Agents

Top Australian Real Estate Agents



We are Remalo and Company (Remalo Real Estate Agents) and we are a dynamic team of realtors, attorneys, and agents trained and experienced in the field for more than 30 years.


The leader and founder, Jack Remalo, started the company more than 30 years ago. Jack’s lifetime achievements have steadily brought him to the top ladder in the real estate industry. With fellow pioneers, Jack has almost single-handedly created one of the top medium-sized real estate agencies in Australia. Heart and soul are key requirements for each team member, for those two are the life of the company – it is what keeps the team going and what attracts loyal clients to the firm.


With a small tight-knit group of professionals, Remalo Real Estate Agents makes sure that every service given to clients is highly personalized. It is our goal to provide tailor-fitted real estate information to every unique home buyer who consults us.


Who are we? We are the Alpha-team that can cater to every Australian’s real estate needs.



Remalo and company have founded the agency more than 30 years ago in the hope of creating a long history of proven track record that will one day sway customers just by hearing the agency name alone.



Due to the hard work and dedication of Jack Remalo and the pioneers who have worked tirelessly with him for more than three decades, the company is now nearly at the top of its long term goal. Nearing the top means taking all that has been left by the pioneers and using that to the advantage of those that the company is all about – its clients.


Our people – the team of real estate agents and our clients – go hand in hand in reaching the best possible connections between each other, towards a common objective which is the achievement of successful and reciprocally beneficial real estate transactions for all.