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Remalo Real Estate Agents is one of the top medium-sized real estate agencies in Australia. We are a team made up of 60 professionals all around the country with deep knowledge, technical experience, and years of expertise in the field of real estate. The teams aim to work as a whole in providing all our clients with a unified service that will enable each member to achieve their highest potential.

Jack Remalo. Jack is the founder of Remalo Real Estate Agents. He is a 30-year veteran in the Real Estate Acquisition and Development Industry. His experience includes an extensive background in entitlement processing and capital fundings. He has been working with a long list of products that includes Commercial Resorts, Luxury Residential properties, and Mixed-Use Club projects. Jack left professional football in exchange for a chance to run his now successful Melbourne, Victoria real estate agency.

Contact Jack at: jackremalo@remalo.org
Phone: (03) 9693 4365

Gordon James Aitchison. Gordon grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. He is Remalo and Co.’s most experienced mortgage specialist. His unparalleled expertise in mortgage services and real estate sales sets him apart. Over 30 years in the real estate market, Gordon has joined the team more than twenty years ago, and still remains the go-to guy in everything mortgage-related.

Contact: gjaitchison@remalo.org
Phone: (03) 9673 4435

Ann Baker.  Fifteen years of incomparable business acuity is what Ann offers the Remalo Real Estate Agents. With her charming character, endless supply of smiles, and one of the most impressive resumes in the industry Ann has made her way up the ladder in just under ten years in the company.

Contact: abaker@remalo.org
Phone: (03) 9433 4496

Jaime Kerrigan. Jaime is one of the top graduates from Harvard School of Law, he is Remalo Real Estate Agent’s lawyer. He carries the pride of belonging to the elite people of Harvard law. He deals with clients’ real estate paperwork and makes sure everything is in top shape. Jaime’s capability is not limited to his academic excellence; he is the best client relations officer any company can have. He delivers service always with a smile on his face.

Contact: jkerrigan@remalo.org
Phone: (03) 9436 4090

Leslie Morrell. Leslie’s passion for real estate started 18 years ago. This was after she bought a property, designed a building, and sold the property herself for great profit. She is an architect with a passion for real estate business relations. She uses her technical skills and her Master’s degree to achieve the best financially favourable transactions for our clients.

Contact: lmorrell@remalo.org
Phone: (03) 9637 4212