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Jack Remalo and team are here to provide you with the best Real Estate advice and services in the Australian market.

We believe in honest and straight forward business strategies. Full disclosure is maintained at a 100% rate within the company. We believe in the virtues of honesty and trust, and that is what we provide to our clients every step of the way.

What can we offer you?




We will carry the burden of all the technical aspects of every real estate transactions. Our team of experts will sort through all the technicalities that need to be efficiently carried out. We believe that there is no need to muddy our clients’ hands with all the technical requirements; our team is well-equipped to independently achieve successful results without adding hassle to the clients.


Full disclosure will be kept every step of the way, especially all throughout the methodical phases and paperwork of every transaction. Just because we do the technical aspects of the operation does not mean our clients need not know. We fully respect client privileges, confidentiality, and complete transparency in our services.


We offer clients our professional services for all types of scenarios and in every step of the whole process – from consultation, to selling, to finding the right property to buy. We have the best client services in the Australian real estate industry.


  • Finding the perfect house? We can do it.
  • Looking to sell? We will help you sell it.
  • Shopping around for a new property? We have the best listings in town.
  • Need advice? Call us, we are available.
  • Need to make a quick decision? We have a team of experts that can help you make it.


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